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June 30, 2013


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I'm not entirely sure how high-school I'm behaving right now to openly talk about myself on a public journal. But might as well, maybe it might spark something interesting.

First news, the lack of updates and the discontinuation of my work is due to me struggling with depression. I have no idea when I'll be able to draw again, and have no idea when I'll ever be motivated in time to do so.

However, I've decided to try and go back home to Japan and visit family for a bit, and see how things work from there.

I've been trying to stay private as I could about everything, but just to make things challenging (?) for me I've decided to do the polar opposite of what I've been doing: Be as public as I can and  admit to a lot things I've been dealing with.

I'm not entirely sure if I've lost my sense of sanity if I'm questioning the idea of it, but it feels like I don't have a firm grasp of it as I'd liked to. Maybe after some quiet time living near the vast mountains and shrines of where it was said the original Kami Amaterasu had landed (Miyazaki), I'll have idea on how to be more appreciative of not only myself but others who have been helping me confront my situation.

So, here's me telling all my subscribers, I'll be taking a giant-ass BRB
and I apologize for any lack of updates, responses and so forth that I end up showing on my dA until I'm better.

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Nepharus Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been through a very long depressive phase myself and I've just started coming out of it a few weeks ago. All the best to you. Your artwork is really lovely and I've always admired it!
rheall Jul 2, 2013  Student General Artist
*hugs* Take care, Rei! You do what you need to do. :)
Oh Japan is one of my dad's favorite places ever. Good luck, and don't be stressed. I can't even draw (though I'm totally fine with this since there's only so much I can do anyway).

Its totally fine.
Good luck fighting depression. Hope you'll enjoy your sojourn in Japan.
MetyRyuma Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you will take a good time with your family, please have good holidays, take your time to breathe a little and calm down, have fun, hope you will return while feeling better.
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